Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Pied to a tree

Christina and Keely join Little Hayley`s cake stall for what they think will be a tasting session. But things never go to plan and the girls soon realise this when they are tied up to a tree together. The girls wait in anticipatation and they have a guessing game who will be the first to do the taste test Keely is the first one who gets the pie right in the face. Christina waits nervously for her turn and soon cant wait to get messy. As pies are thrown left, right and centre their is one final surprise for the girls, yes pink gunge. Keely`s pink top and jeans and Christina in her all in white outfit are completely covered so decide that the best thing to get clean is to go in the dunk tank. The girls get in the tank together trying to get each other clean. You can see the video at our

Welcome to WAM Extreme

Hello and welcome to WAM Extreme and our little home on the big wide web...
WAM Extreme is brought to you from the producers of Dunk Tank Babes and Gunge Tank Babes. We hop to bring everything under one roof here at WAM Extreme. As well as our Wet and Messy stuff we are also going to be bringing you lots of underwater videos and photo sets as well. Many of you will remember our shoot last summer which brought you 3 messy films including the infamous Bouncy Castle filled with gunge clip and the Pied to a tree clip. We hope you enjoyed these and we will be producing more videos like this over the next few months.

Many of you from the wetlook community will also remember our trial shoot last winter with Clair and Sophie messing around in the pool. The shoot didn`t go exactly to plan but we all had fun and the upshot is we are going to be doing more shoots like this as well. We are also going to be doing lots of underwater videos alongside our WAM extreme wetlook videos for all you underwater fans.

I`ll be posting some pictures from our previous shoots on here in the next week so keep checking back for updates. If you missed any of our videos, be sure to check them out at our

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